Dimitris' homepage

Hello world!

Hello, my name is Dimitris Mandalidis and this is my homepage. I maintain (?) this homepage for many reasons; I need to have a valid link in my business cards, as neither the default Apache web server index.html nor a 404 HTTP error code are marketing-friendly. Furthermore, sometimes I need to refresh my static web design knowledge base and use this page as a vessel for another ego trip.

This domain name occurs from a shortened version of my surname and it dates back to school years. It has nothing to do with Mantas and Gortsos; characters from an old greek movie.

I 've studied computer hardware, but I work as a coder (not as a programmer) in various projects, mostly java-based. I 've written a few lines of code in other languages too, so feel free to have a look, it won't take long.

I 'm a Linux user, having done many experiments; installing and configuring daemons, trying various distros, configuring OpenBSD dual-homed servers. All of them were of no practical use, just for the fun of it. Nowadays I use a graphic environment with many colours, a mouse, a keyboard, and my 'netstat -tan | grep LISTEN' output is getting shorter. However I still use Mutt...